Pilot Acroball 0.7 review – ballpoint doesn’t get any better than this

There are instances where ballpoint is just a better tool than a fountain pen. Let it be a glossy surface of a business card,  a laminated map when you hike somewhere, a crossword in a newspaper or an arrival card in the Immigration Hall when you travel to Hong Kong.  In all these situations a fountain pen would be just a triumph of form over content.

A ballpoint pen is cheaper, easier to use and sometimes, only sometimes, the best tool to get the writing job done. I am practical, so I don’t force myself to use fountain pens all the time, everywhere. That’s why I use ballpoints a lot.

I usually carry a fisher space pen with me and it has always been my travel partner. But it’s not perfect. Especially the ink and smoothness sometimes make me disappointed. The black is not dark enough, and the cartridge leaves a  blob of ink on the paper from time to time.

When I first saw the Pilot Acroball I wasn’t even willing to try it. It looked cheap and I thought it’s just another ballpoint. But one day I bought it and I am impressed ever since.

The grip is perfect. The pattern (which is heard is patent-pending) provides traction and the material is not too soft not too hard. It’s also curved shape to add ergonomics. You can write with this ballpoint for hours. Not like I would recommend it…

The best part of the Pilot Acroball is the ink. It’s still oil-based, after looking at the writing you can tell right away it’s a ballpoint, but the new formula makes the writing much more pleasurable. No skipping, smoothness and dark enough lines make Acroball one of the best ballpoints out there.

I will definitely try the 0.5 version in the future, it might be even better