Platinum Riviere (ptr-200) – the best cheap pen

If you look at the pen as a tool, then you don’t need anything more than the Platinum Preppy.  It’s cheap, it writes smoothly and you can even turn it into an eyedropper.  For a long time, I have thought if there is a way to make a pen as good and as cheap as Preppy. Turns out it’s possible.

Platinum Riviere

It is funny but the pen I have thought about comes from Platinum, too. They made a pen which is even cheaper and nearly as good as the Preppy. Sometimes I think it’s even better in some ways.

I discovered Platinum Riviere accidentally during my last trip to a stationery store. You can say it was love at the first sight.  After I tried it I went back and I bought two more.

Platinum Riviere

I like the design of Riviere more than Preppy’s. Mainly because Riviere looks more mature. There is no barcode nor stupid warning printed on the barrel.

There are some differences, though.  The plastic feels cheaper and less sturdy. The pen is even lighter and the nib (only a medium nib is available) is smooth but not as smooth as Preppy’s. The flow is perfect, though, and all is working wonderfully. After I put in the cartridge the pen started writing almost instantly. One more difference – Riviere is made in Taiwan, not in Japan, but that’s not an issue for me.

And one more thing, the nib is more traditional and it looks better.

The pen comes with a cartridge and similarly to Preppy the color accents of the pen resembles the ink color.  As I said before, Platinum ink is great and for all three pens, I use cartridges only.

In Japan, Platinum Riviere is available in Daiso ( a franchise of 100-yen shops). Here in Taiwan is widely available in stationery stores for about 1.50 USD (sic!).

I saw that sometimes they even add them for free to calligraphy books. I couldn’t find it on Amazon, so I can’t tell you where to buy it within the USA and Europe.


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Platinum Riviere