Uni Jetstream 0.7 review – the one ballpoint to rule them all

Recently I wrote about how good the Pilot Acroball is and that sometimes a ballpoint is the best way to go. I also said that ballpoint doesn’t get any better than this. BoyI was wrong.

Uni Jetstream 0.7

It’s been a while since I have written with the Uni Jetstream but recently, out of curiosity, I grabbed it again. I was astonished by the writing experience. I totally forgot how good it is.

Jetstream is even smoother than Acroball. It writes with less pressure and the ink is darker (thanks to the added pigment).  As many Uni’s products, it’s also light-resistant and water-resistant.  I haven’t done any scientific tests but it looks like Jetstream also dries on the paper a bit quicker than Pilot’s ink.

Uni Jetsream vs. Pilot Acroball
It’s hard to tell from the photo but in reality, Uni’s line is much darker and more consistent

I also like the grip more.  It’s smooth and non-squishy which gives me a more comfortable writing. Plus, the barrel looks more “sophisticated”.  The last advantage over the Acroball is the tip size. It goes from 1  mm down to 0.38 mm (wich gives ridiculously fine line)

So, the best ballpoint pen title goes to the Jetstream.

Reviewed Item
Uni Jetstream 0.7